The brand Gianni Conti is renewed and it starts with its logo restyling. The entrepreneurial momentum that is investing throughout the company translates into a breath of freshness and modernity for the historic Italian brand of leather bags and accessories, famous throughout the world for vegetable-tanned leather.

nuovo marchio gianni conti


Brand Identity

Dynamism and changes go first and foremost through the study of specific and targeted brand identity interventions.

The restyling of the logo has brought to light the essence of the characters bearing the brand: quality, refinement and historicity are the main values ​​expressed by Gianni Conti, now more than ever projected into an innovative production and cultural context.


To the essence of the brand

In order to give more simplicity to the logo, the figure has been simplified and stylizedin the lines and curves that compose it, with a result aimed at combining essence and elegance.

The new logo was presented to the wholesalers and its partners at the last edition of Mipel, held in Milan from 11th to 14th February.